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100+ CHROs have tossed
their playbooks because of her.

Meet Amber. She is an engagement bot
who talks to your employees & proactively predicts those
who are disengaged or about to leave.

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6 years of depthintelligence from 150,000+ employees in 100+ companies who trust her!

Is your engagement strategy still in the Stone Age?

Is your employee engagement strategy relevant in 2019?

Engagement bots were the talk of the town at an annual HR Tech conference where 7 leaders shared their takeaways for employee engagement in 2019.

Since then, Gartner has confirmed organisations are moving away from annual engagement surveys after realising they're not enough to capture the voice of the employee.

When People Intelligence Becomes Your Superpower

Amber is powered by our People Predictive Analytics engine — the secret sauce you need to drive high-impact initiatives that have a positive impact on employee experience.

Measure Each Employee's Experience from Hire to Retire

Identify Disengaged Employees who need Proactive Intervention

Build Smarter People Strategy with Data-Driven Decisions

31% employees quit their jobs within the first 6 months with 68% of them leaving in the first 3 months of joining. 1

Continuous Employee Engagement in 3 steps


Select touchpoints & questions

Ask the right questions at the right time based on our Employee Experience Framework, developed through years of primary research by our People Scientists.
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Touch base in a personalised manner with Sentiment Analysis

Through Amber, reach out to your employees in a personalised, timely manner & delve deeper into their experience in your company.

Equipped with natural-language processing capabilities developed in-house, Amber can interpret employee sentiment and empathetically respond.
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Drive People Strategy with Realtime & Predictive People Analytics

Get actionable insights right in your inbox or deep dive using our People Analytics Dashboard to stay on top of your organisation pulse and continuously evaluate your culture.
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What bicycle is for the legs, the computer is for the brain, is what A.I. can be for HR!

Stories from People Leaders

Progressive organisations are using Amber to enable a more proactive company culture. Here are a few stories..

"Interacting with [Amber] is done so well, it feels human, it feels natural, it feels like I am talking to someone who is listening to me."

— Terri Bresenham, Pres. & CEO, GE Healthcare - SHS

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"I don’t think we have seen or used anything like Amber.
Post the recent merger with GoIbibo and RedBus,
I am very excited about it. It’s phenomenal!"

— Deep Kalra, Chairman & Group CEO

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"Once you get to a certain size, not having tools like Amber is like a death sentence to any organisation which doesn’t have analytics built into the HR department"

— Sam Jain, CEO & Founder, Fareportal

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"My personal take in this whole subject is that today,
Amber is helping me prepare better for a qualitative
human touch."

—Biplob Banerjee, CHRO, Jubilant Foodworks

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"Infeedo-Amber has proved to be our most powerful platform, giving us an opportunity to connect with 3 companies under India Infoline’s parent organization."

— Shruti Wali, HR Head (Employee Engagement), IIFL

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“40% employees think that Amber is for real.
She [Amber] genuinely becomes a way
of interacting at scale.”

— Ankur Warikoo, Founder & CEO

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Built with scale and security in mind

Integrates directly with your HRMS

Amber can plug into all leading HRMS solutions in the market making implementation for you seamless and zero-effort.

Security & Compliances

External Checks and Compliances:
GDPR Compliant
Bi-annual VAPT security audit
ISO 27001:2013 Certified
Internal Checks and Compliances:
AWS HSM for Encryption
Data Access Policy
Audit Logging & Monitoring

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